Timeless Nature - Endless

Example of tutorial result

A visit to a nearby river inspired me to write this tutorial.
Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

This tutorial is my own creation.
Similarities to any other tutorial are purely accidental and certainly not intentional.
Please observe my terms of use. Thank you!

*~ * ~*

Level: Intermediate
Some working knowledge of PSP and a steady hand is required *s*

This tutorial was created with PSPX3, but other versions of PSP will work fine, too.
No outside filters were used.
I do not allow my tutorials to be scripted.

Materials can be found here

Unzip the materials to a folder of your liking or set Winzip to use folder names when you unzip.

You can open them when indicated in the course of this tutorial.
You can use my photograph or use one of your own.

* ~ Remember: Save Often! ~ *

Ready? Let's start!

1. Open a new transparent image:
Width: 750,
Height: 600,
Color Depth: SixteenMillionColor/RGB 16Bits Channel.
File > Save as > Image1.pspimage

2. Open the "cm-timelessnaturelandscape" photograph.
Window: Duplicate (Shift+D) and close the original.

3. Set a medium color from your image as a foreground color
(I used #9ea3af )
and a matching medium color as your background
(I used #6a754b ).

foreground background colour settings

4. Back to Image1
Selections>Select All
Edit>Paste Into Selection

5. Go to: Layers > Layer Properties

layer blend mode
Set the BlendMode to: 'SoftLight'
File > Save (Ctrl+S)

6. File > Open >go to your TimelessNatureEndlessMaterials folder and select:
Edit > Copy (Ctrl+C)
Close your image. We will no longer need it.

7. Back to Image1:
Edit > Paste as New Layer (Ctrl+L)
Use your Move Tool (M) to position the Artist into the landscape of Image1
mover tool
(Note: In view of the 'timeless' nature of this tutorial,
I made sure I placed him over the 21st century concrete bench *s*)

example of pacement artist tube

Don't forget to save your creation!

Now you need the Steady Hand I mentioned earlier *s*

8. Click on the Selection tool and select the Freehand Selection: Point to Point

example of Point to Point settings

9. On Raster layer 2:
Place the (precise) cursor of your freehand selection tool in the upper left corner
of the canvass board on the easel of the painting artist.

Start your point to point selection here

Draw your point to point selection all around the painting board.
The marching ants will show up in the selection all around the painting canvass when you're done.

If your selection turns out to be slightly too wide or too small, you can correct that through:
Selections > modify > contract/expand.

Contract selection if  need be

10. Selections > Promote Selection to Layer.

11. Edit >Open 'cm-timelessnaturelandscape' again.

12. Edit > copy and then close the graphic as we will not need it again.

13. Back to Image1, back to our Promoted Selection layer:
Edit > Paste Into Selection.

14. If your PSP version allows you to do so:
Layers > Properties > and set the Blend Mode to Soft Light (like we did in #5 of this tutorial).
You can leave this step out if you like the painting better the way it was pasted into the selection.

15. Effects > Buttonize with the settings below:

Buttonize settings

16. Selections > Select None.
If necessary: use the Mover Tool (M) to adjust the placing of the promoted selection to the canvass.

17. Layers > Merge > Merge Visible.

18. Image: Add Borders > Symmetric; 2 pixels
Color: #0000 (Black).

19. Image: Add Borders > Symmetric: 8 pixels
Color: #9ea3af (Foreground).

20. Image: Add Borders > Symmetric: 8 pixels
Color: #6a754b (Background).

21: Selection tools: Magic Wand
With these settings:

magic wand settings

Select the border with the Foreground Colour (blue).

22. Effects > ArtMedia Effects > Brush Strokes - default settings.

23: Selections > Select None.

24: Selection tools: Magic Wand > same settings as in #21.
Select the border with the Background Colour (green).

25. Effects > ArtMedia Effects > Brush Strokes - default settings.

26. Still selected: Image > Mirror
(so that only the Brush Strokes on the green border are mirrored).

27. Selections > Select None.

28. Image: Add Borders > Symmetric; 2 pixels
'Color': #0000 (Black).

29. Image: Resize > Bicubic Resample > 80 percent.

30. Adjust > Sharpness > Sharpen.

31. Edit > Copy

Save your work again. Close image1

* * *

Now we'll make the border image.

32. File > Open >and then choose: 'cm-timelessnatureBorderBl'

If you use your own graphic you can choose 'cm-timelessnatureBorder' instead.
You can colorize*) it to match your graphic.
*) To colorize: Adjust > Hue and Saturation >Colorize

33. Window: Duplicate (Shift+D) and close the original Border image.

34. Edit > Paste as a New Layer on the Border Image and
position it with the Mover Tool (M) so that it is centered.

35. Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow using the Foreground Colour;
settings below:

Drop Shadow settings

You can repeat the drop shadow with V: -5 and H: 5 if you like.
For the top image I used both drop shadows.
The image below has a drop shadow on just one side.
Experiment, if you like.

36. Layers > Merge > Merge Visible.

37. File > Open.
Select: 'cm-timelessnatureText'

38. Edit > Copy -then close the original transparant text image.

39. Edit > Paste as New Layer. Put it in the right place with the Mover Tool (M)

40. Place your watermark.

41. Layers >Merge > Merge all (Flatten)

You're Done!

Thank you for trying my tutorial.
I Hope you have enjoyed yourself and that you like your creation!

Thank you Lyn for testing out my tutorial; for your hints and tips for the finishing touch!


bottom example of tutorial


* * *


Another example below from my friend Lyn from New Zealand:

... with very special memories for both of us!
Thank you again, Lyn!


* * *





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