It's Circus time!

Example of tutorial result

A visit to the open air museum in Arnheim, the Netherlands, inspired me to write this tutorial.
Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

This tutorial is my own creation.
Similarities to any other tutorial are purely accidental and certainly not intentional.
Please observe my terms of use. Thank you!

*~ * ~*

Level: Intermediate
Some working knowledge of PSP is required.

This tutorial was created with PSPX3, but other versions of PSP will work fine, too.
No outside filters were used.
I do not allow my tutorials to be scripted.

Materials can be found here
The font used is Curlz MT


Unzip the materials to a folder of your liking or set Winzip to use folder names when you unzip.

Place your 'Edge Brush 04'picture frame in your PSP Picture Frames folder or in your Corel PSP folder.
In PSPX3 (I'm using Windows7) it can be found here:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Corel\Corel PaintShop Photo Pro\X3\PSPClassic\Corel_09\Corel_09_03"

Open the tubes in PSP.
You can use my photograph or use one of your own.
I used the 'cm-circusgirl' tube for this tutorial.

I added a 'cm-circusboy' tube if you would like to use that one.
I placed instructions for that tube between brackets and used a * to mark it [ *...]

* ~ Remember: Save Often! ~ *

Ready? Let's start!

1. Open a new transparent image:
Width: 700,
Height: 525,
Color Depth:
for older PSP versions:
SixteenMillionColor 24bits
SixteenMillionColor/RGB 16Bits Channel (PSPX3).

2. File > Save as > Image1.pspimage

3. Open the "cm-circusbgimage" photograph.
Edit > Copy (Control+C) and close the original.

4. Set your foreground color to #e84370
and your background colour to #000000.

foreground background colour settings
[*For the 'cm-circusboy' tube you can use foreground colour #f4e625]

5. Back to Image1
Edit>Paste as a new Layer (Ctrl+L)

(Save your work (Ctrl+S) )

6. Select the 'cm-circuseyes' tube
Edit > Copy (Ctrl+C)
Close your image. We will no longer need it.

7. Back to Image1:
Edit > Paste as New Layer (Ctrl+L)

8. Use your Move Tool (M) to position the Eyes into the proper place of Image1
(top left hand corner)
mover tool

9. Go to Layers > and put the blend mode to Luminance (Legacy) L

10. Still on your Layer Palette put the Opacity of your Raster Layer 3 to 81.

image of raster layer 3


11. Select your 'cm-circusclown' tube

12. Edit > copy and then close the tube as we will not need it again.

13. Edit > Open 'Image 1' again and
then Edit > Paste as New Layer

14. Image > Resize > Resize all layers UNchecked > Resize to 70 percent, using Smart Size.

15. Using your Mover tool position your clown to the left corner of the image.

postion your clown here

(File > Save (Ctrl+S) )

16. Layers > Merge > Merge Visible.

17. Image > Picture frame > choose 'Edge Brush 04' frame // or the Corel_09_029.pspframe and select "OK" to add the frame to your graphic.

18. In your Layer Palette close off the Merged layer.

19. Tools: Select your Magic Wand Tool with the settings below and Select the white border of the Frame.

settings for your magic wand tool

20. Selections > Invert

21. In your Layer Palette: Activate your merged layer again and unlock it.

22. Edit > Copy - you now copy the merged layer (the selected area, that is).

23. Activate your Picture Frame Layer.

24. Selections > Select None.

25. Edit > Paste as New Layer

26. Now:
In your Layer Palette: Delete your Merged Layer
AND your Picture Frame Layer by selecting the Red 'X' above each layer.

use the red x

(Save your work!)

27. Activate your graphic layer and get ready to add a drop shadow :0)

28. Effects > 3D Effects > Dropshadow with the settings below:
V2 > H1 > Opacity: 70 > Blur 5 > Black

dropshadow settings

29. Layers > New Raster Layer

30. Layers > Arrange > Send to Bottom

31. Activate your Flood Fill tool

32. Flood fill your layer with your foreground colour: #e84370
[*If you picked the 'circusboy' tube use this colour: #385696]

33. Activate your top layer.

34. Image > Resize > Resize all layers UNchecked >
Using Smart Size > Resize 80 percent.

35. With your Mover Tool move your image to the top left:

example image

36. On your bottom layer: Effects > Texture Effects > Blinds

Texture settings for Blinds

(Width 3 - Opacity 15 - Colour: #b599df - Horizontal: Checked)
[*For the 'cm-circusboy tube change the colour to: #ffffc0]

(save your work)

37. Layers: Activate your top layer 'Raster 1'.

38. Select the 'cm-circusballoons' tube

39. Edit > Copy and then close the balloons as we will not need them again.

40. On your work-image:
Edit > Paste as New Layer.

40. With your Mover tool: Place the balloons to the top right of your image,
covering some of the ragged edges.

41. Select your
'cm-circushorses' tube

42. Edit > Copy and then close them as we'll not need them again.

43. Edit > Paste as New Layer

44. Use your mover tool to position the horses as indicated below:

Example of how to position the horses

(Save your work)

45. Select your 'cm-it's circustext' tube.

46. Edit > Copy -and minimalise as we might need it a bit later.
[*If you work with the 'cm-circusboy' tube you can close the 'cm-it's circustext' tube now.]

47. Edit > Paste as New Layer

48. Position and center in the 'circushorses' text box.

49. Effects > 3D Effects > Dropshadow with the settings below:
V2 > H1 > Opacity: 70 > Blur 5 > Black
(same settings as in before in step 28)

50. Close off your bottom layer.

51. Activate your top layer.

52. Layers > Merge > Merge Visible.

53. Image > Resize > Resize all layers UNchecked >
Using Smart Size > Resize 85 percent.

54. Move the resized layer slightly to the top left.

55. Effects > Effects > 3D Effects > Dropshadow with the settings below:
V2 > H1 > Opacity: 70 > Blur 5 > Black
(same settings as before)

(save your work)

56. File > Open > and in your It's Circus Time folder select:
[*or 'cm-cirbusboy']

57. Edit > Copy and then close it as we'll not need it again.

58. Edit > Paste as New Layer

59. Move your tube to the bottom right corner (see below)

example of position of 'circusgirl'

60. Adjust > Sharpness > Sharpen

61. Maximise 'cm-it's circustext' tube again.
[*If you use the 'cm-circusboy' tube select and open the 'cm-circustextOhBoy'-tube]

62. Edit > Copy -and close it now.

63. Activate your top layer.

64. Edit > Paste as New Layer

65. Position it in over the girl's balloon with the Mover Tool (M)
[*For the cm-circusboy tube: postition it straight on his T-shirt.
Then you can go straight to step 73 of this tutorial.]

66. Tools: Activate your 'Pick Tool' (K), standard settings
Note: In older PSP versions this tool is called: 'Raster Deform'

pick tool (K)

67. Resize, rotate and deform the text so that it fits the balloon in a way you think is all right.

68. Adjust > Sharpness > Sharpen

69. Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow with different settings than before:
V1> H1 > Opacity: 70 > Blur 0 > Black

70. Activate your background layer. Lower the opacity to 75.
[*You can leave this step out if you use the 'cm-circusboy' tube.]

71. Effects > Edge effects > Enhance
[*You can skip this step if you use the 'cm-circusboy'tube.]

72. Image > Add borders > Symmetric > 3 pixels > Colour: Black
Note: Instead of adding a black border
you can create your own fun border for this circustag.
I just included a simple basic black border here.

73. Place your watermark and resize to your liking

74. Layers > Merge > Merge all (Flatten)

75. Export as a .jpg or .png

You're Done!

Thank you for trying my tutorial.
I Hope you have enjoyed yourself and that you like your creation!


* * *
Below is an example of a variation of this tutorial using the 'cm-circusboy' tube:

Circustime for Harry

This tutorial is dedicated to Harry, Diane's grandson,
who helped his Gran test it and gave precious comments!
Thank you Diane and thank you Harry :0)






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